The Art and Science of Shopping Campaigns

Beyond data feed optimization


Title: The Art and Science of Shopping Campaigns

Duration: 1 hour

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Advertiser Science Webinar Series 

Join us for a monthly webcast series where we’ll uncover the science behind running top digital marketing campaigns. We’ll be sharing results from our own tests and experiences, along with research from the Bing Advertiser Science team. Let’s face it, pay per click marketing is a daily practice and as digital marketers we know you need the latest insights and data from search engines. So, every month we’ll do just that.

The Art and Science Shopping Campaigns

We all know working to optimize your data feeds is critical to the success of your shopping campaigns. But what else can you do? What additional strategies can you implement? Join MJ DePalma, Bing Ads Sr. Global Channel Marketing Manager, Cady Condyles, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, and special guest Kirk Williams from Zato Marketing as they go beyond data feed optimization and explore additional ways you can maximize the impact of your shopping campaigns. Getting your shopping campaigns right is more essential than ever in 2017 and means you need to go beyond the basics.

More specifically, they will cover topics such as advanced account management strategies, how to incorporate Custom Labels for enhanced product grouping and how to make smart(er) bidding decisions. They will also provide you with an update on the Bing Ads Shopping product roadmap including recent releases, current pilots and what’s coming soon. Register now to find out what else you can be doing to make your shopping campaigns work a little harder.

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Cady Condyles
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Microsoft, Bing Ads

Cady Condyles is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft with a focus on Retail and Bing Shopping Campaigns. Cady has over decade of experience working in online advertising and search. Before joining Microsoft, she was managing search for Amazon’s worldwide retail business and spent several years as the Director of Marketing at Merkle|RKG.  She has spoken about search at industry events including several webinar series and SMX conferences. Cady graduated from the Executive MBA program at the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington. Cady also attended the University of Virginia with degrees in Economics and Psychology. Follow Cady on Twitter @CadyCondyles.

MJ DePalma
Sr. Global Channel Marketing Manager
Microsoft, Bing Ads

I am MJ DePalma and I’ll be your host throughout the live webcast. I am the Sr. Global Channel Marketing Manager at Bing Ads, and I have the best job of all the jobs because what I do is bring the Bing community together and watch the magic happen. I strive for magical moments that make you go, "ah-ha! I just learned something cool!" When I’m not working at the best job of all the jobs, I’m hiking with my dog through the PNW, riding my enduro motorcycle and tending to my raspberry and blueberry patch. Follow me on Twitter @mjdepalma.

Kirk Williams
Founder, Zato Marketing

Kirk is the owner of ZATO, his Search & Social Marketing agency, and has been working in Paid Search since 2010, with a specific focus in Google/Bing Shopping Ads. In 2016, he was named the #7 Most Influential PPCer by PPC Hero and has written articles for many well-known industry publications. He is also an avid conference speaker, having traveled around the US and UK to talk about Paid Search. Kirk currently resides in Billings, MT with his wife, four children, and little sleep. Follow Kirk on Twitter @PPCKirk.